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I was cleaning our budgies' cage earlier and noticed blood on one of the perches that wasn't there yesterday.​ I looked at the birds and discovered who it was, as there's also a small amount of blood on his tailfeather and a lot around his rectum which has got me really worried. I have parakeet that has blood coming from the rectal area and it seems to be in a pouch or something, the bird tries to - Answered by a verified Pet Specialist.

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By Jujind - 05:43
The bird is a parakeet n there are little red drops in the cage - Answered by a verified Pet Specialist.
By Vujind - 08:02
Most often these are birds are found on the bottom of the cage with little if be on the differential diagnosis of any grey parrot with neurological signs. Bleeding blood feathers, fractured or avulsed toenails and beaks, and.
By Gokasa - 21:17
We cleaned him up with salt water and found a fleshy swelling around his anus that extrudes about mm. The bleeding is coming from.
By Gronris - 03:24 › question.
By Akinojin - 07:57
Well does that sound normal and healthy? Take vet to avian vet soon or she will no longer be. Not meaning to sound rude but come on here. She is sick.

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